Clash of Clans Tips – Attacking With Dragons

Posted on: January 13, 2015

Here is my personal strategy for dragon attacks.dragon level 3

  1. Choose one side to attack from
  2. Select a side that enables your dragons to to get to the air defenses as soon as possible
  3. Spread your dragons out in a line
  4. Start by putting 1 dragon in each corner of the line
  5. Place one dragon on each building on that side (typically I’ll use 5-8 dragons at first)
  6. Once the dragons have pushed past the first line (possibly the 2nd) of structures; get ready to place your remaining dragons in the middle; so they have a greater chance to push into the middle
  7. For Town Hall 8, make 3 Rage Spells
  8. For Town Hall 7 use either 3 Rage Spells or 2 Rage and 1 Heal spell
  9. Use one Rage Spell when your dragon(s) reach each air defense.  Hopefully the rage will effect a group/bunch of dragons at once.


  • Dragons will always attack the closest structure.  This is typically along the outside edge.  If given the choice, they will always go around the outside before going towards the middle. (why you put them in a line instead of bunching them)
  • Be patient, don’t use your Rage Spell too early.  Wait til a group gets close to the air defense.
  • If you have a Barb King or Archer Queen, consider saving them til your dragons do their damage.  If a worst case scenario happens, your King / Queen may have a clear path to the town hall … or they may have access to enough structures to get over 50%.  If you drop them before your dragons do their work, the King / Queen will have to face all those ground defenses that the dragons may remove.

Galadon’s guide to Town Hall 7 – dragon attacks (begin at 3:39)

The following video deals more with high level town halls and level 4 dragons.

Dragons – From FAIL to WIN! Clash of Clans Attacks Episode 59!

Count The Cost

Dragon attacks are not cost effective … they just work.

  • (10) Level 1 dragons = 250,000 elixir
  • (10) Level 2 dragons = 300,000 elixir
  • (10) Level 3 dragons = 360,000 elixir
  • (10) Level 4 dragons = 420,000 elixir

Rage Spell Costs

  • 3 Level 1 Rage Spells = 69,000 elixir
  • 3 Level 2 Rage Spells = 75,000 elixir
  • 3 Level 3 Rage Spells = 81,000 elixir
  • 3 Level $ Rage Spells = 90,000 elixir
  • 3 Level 5 Rage Spells = 99,000 elixir

Additional Information

I developed my own dragon strategy from a set of guides passed along from Jebronie


3 Responses to "Clash of Clans Tips – Attacking With Dragons"

I think you got the cost wrong

I got the dragon and elixir costs from the wikipedia:

Lvl 1 Dragon – 25,000
Lvl 2 Dragon – 30,000
Lvl 3 Dragon – 36,000
Lvl 4 Dragon – 42,000

Rage spell lvl 1- 23,000
Rage spell lvl 2- 25,000
Rage spell lvl 3- 27,000
Rage spell lvl 4- 30,000
Rage spell lvl 5- 33,000

Yes, the cost you just said is correct, but I think you accidentally put an extra 0 on all of them in your post.

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